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MidFlorida Armored is a leading armored transportation service carrier throughout the state of Florida. Our leadership has been achieved through decades of creating established relationships built on trust and communication. Upon this foundation, we have earned a reputation for providing the most reliable, responsive, and personalized customer service in the industry.

Our Company

Armored Transport

MidFlorida Armored utilizes a variety of armored vehicles to securely transport valuables for financial institutions and retailers.

Each MidFlorida Armored Vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking and staffed with trained armed officers. We provide a safe and secure transaction at your locations. Additionally, our comprehensive risk insurance guarantees that you will not suffer a loss. Reduce your risk and keep your employees focused on growing your business. Let MidFlorida Armored Transport Services secure your valuables and be confident that your deposits are safe.

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ATM / Bitcoin

MidFlorida Armored keeps your machines operating with services that reduce risk and maximize transaction volume.

MidFlorida Armored ATM Services are designed to keep your machines stocked and operational. MidFlorida Technicians are trained to serve all types of machines. Replenishment and servicing are conducted in armored cars with armed, uniformed personnel. Additionally, our comprehensive risk insurance guarantees that you will not suffer a loss. Reduce your risk and increase your transaction volume. Let MidFlorida Armored Transport Keep your machines operational and be confident that customers can access the funds they need.

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Smart Safe

If your business is looking to improve its cash management processes, MidFlorida Armored can help you if a Smart Safe is right for you.

MidFlorida Armored Smart Safe solutions are designed to to improve your business’s cash management processes. Our customized set of services allow us to evaluate your unique needs and establish how Smart Safe technology can address specific processes within your organization. Let MidFlorida Armored Transport help integrate Smart Safe technology as a solution for your cash management needs.

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